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De Koninck

This is the taste of Antwerp: from  its rough docks to packed outdoor cafés, city bikes and long summer nights by the river Scheldt. Antwerp in a bottle!

In Antwerp dialect, just order a “Bolleke Keuning”. (The nickname Bolleke comes from the shape of the glass.) And since we all like to joke around in Antwerp, we added the name “Antwaarpse Pale Ale” to the label. It refers to a classic Pale Ale, but we added a touch of Antwerp.

Best of all, you never have to look far in Antwerp for a freshly pulled Bolleke. This Antwerp icon can be found at virtually every indoor and outdoor café. 

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Bolleke De Koninck The facts

Antwaarpse Pale Ale
Slightly malty with a note of caramel Slightly hoppy and a hint of cinnamon
Amber, clear with a nice creamy white head
Shelf life: 
Bottle: 12 months keg: 9 months
Alcohol percentage: